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Brush Clearing Tactics


Oregon Brush Clearing

Oregon Brush Clearing’s algorithm is the most efficient way to rid Oregon Vegetation Habitats of invasive plants, shrubs and trees.

Our On-Site Obliteration processes shatters and scatters the obnoxious top growth to hasten decomposition.


Specializing in Invasive Plant Management.


  • Capable of Large Scale Commercial Land Clearing Projects anywhere / anytime in Oregon.
  • Residential Brush Clearing can be accomplished with ZERO to minimal soil disturbance.

Mowing on any terrain type
Steep banks
Septic areas
Creek beds
Fence lines

W.E …….. M.O.W………. S.T.E.E.P……. S.L.O.P.E.S.
We Mow …… Straight Vertical Slope!
We Even Mow Slippery, Steep, Muddy, Straight Vertical Slopes.

It’s more then a Brush Clearing Business — it’s a passion.

Turning Jungles into Golf Greens!

Junipers to Bonsai

Scotch Broom to Mulch

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