It's more then a Brush Clearing Business — it's a passion.



Field Mowing: Brush Mowing on Steep Slope, Wet Slope, Tall Grass……. We do Terrain in the Rain. . . 10, 40, 50, 70 & 110 degree slope in rain!

Fuel Reduction: Ladder fuel reduction to  undergrowth vegetation, deadwood reduction for fire prevention.

Landscape Demolition: Obliteration of severely over-grown lawns…. our goal is to make the neighbors jealous!

Pruning: Reduction of Hedges, Vines and Juniper bushes.

Mowing: Mow of any type of terrain regardless of slope or obstacles.

Blackberry Brush Cutting: Severe Obliteration of overgrown H. Blackberries and Scotch Broom regardless of Terrain or Obstacles.

Brush Clearing: Precision cutting along Fence lines, Creek beds.

Property Maintenance: Property Restoration and Lawn Mowing

Leaf/Garden Clearing: Leaf Blowing and Garden Clean up. We Tread Lightly considering fragile ornamental garden plants.

Hedge Trimming: Laurel Hedges cut back to the highest degree… or lowest degree actually.

Fire Line: Cutting firebreaks and Right Away in dense forest.

Supreme Bio-Mass Reduction: Serious On-Site Obliteration of Extreme Brush into Micro-elements

Invasive Vegetation Management/Weed Control: If it’s a Weed, consider it leveled.



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It’s more then a Brush Clearing Business — it’s a passion.

Turning Jungles into Golf Greens!

Junipers to Bonsai

Scotch Broom to Mulch

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