Oregon Brush Clearing.

Our Brush Clearing Mission
Oregon Brush Clearing is dedicated to protecting the environmental rights of all
Native Plant species, including the right to propagate, flourish, grow and establish healthy ecosystems. Being the Leader in Brush Clearing Science, we work to create Brush Clearing Solutions that establish lasting natural habitats free of invasive plants using non toxic mechanical methods. We Heart Green Spaces!

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The goal of Oregon Brush Clearing projects is to engage effective and safe invasive plant obliteration algorithms and brush obliteration strategies, increasing light levels to support native plant regeneration, as well as the native shrub and ground-layer plants. Some native species are to be selectively thinned (partially obliterated) to reduce obnoxious canopy coverage to support native plant regeneration and increased biodiversity of the understory.




oregon brush clearing


Extreme Brush Clearing…Mechanism of Central Vegetative Control providing distribution of maximum entropy within your vegetative boundary layer. Recreating an orderly aesthetic to plant communities effectively. Scattered vegetative imprints will rapidly decompose transforming to microelements nurishing the soil.

Onsite Obliteration of all material. No other method compares in accuracy,precision, repeatability,and clean operation.





Serving All of Oregon ……Clackamas County…Happy Valley,Estacada, Canby, Troutdale, Lake Oswego,West Linn..Washington Counties…Hillsboro,Banks, Vernonia, Newberg, Mc Minnville,portland beaverton tigard clackamas gresham oregon city wilsonville tigard tualatin canby lake oswego west linn sherwood newberg milwaukee gladstone vancouver aurora boring damascus vancouver woodburn hillsboro sellwood sherwood oregon city canby newberg sherwood and all areas beyond.





Extreme Brush Clearing

Extreme Brush Clearing( transitive verb )Etymology: Latin oblitteratus, past participle of oblitterare.Date: 1600ad……mechanically induced decomposition of all vegetation rapidly and with decisive force.All actions pertaining to Vegetative Molecular Entropy caused by hypervelosity collisions. To remove vegetation utterly from recognition or memory. destroy utterly all trace, indication, or significance of. Common name: Bush whackin, Brush Cuttin,Mastication,Landscape Demolition.

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Our Algorithm goes beyond established landscape methodology in several aspects…..QUALITY TO COST RATIO.

In addition to the expression data,it exploits functional annotations,which means your yard isn’t Trashed. No other method of grinding or cutting can compare in Performance, Speed,Precision, Repeatable Accuracy, and Clean Operation.

We Turn Jungles into Golf Greens. ..Junipers into Bonsais…Scotchbroom into Pulp…Blackberry Brush Obliterated.                                                                                                  Portland,Oregon,97232